Changes That Have Made Trucking Careers A Bit Easier And Alot More Comfortable

Being a truck driver in the 80’s and 90’s was physically and mentally tough for those who drove day after day to deliver loads across the United States. Thanks to technology and other modern conveniences, a career as a truck driver has gotten easier in many ways and more comfortable in every way.

Some trucking companies, like Ozark Motor Lines, are consistently upgrading their fleet. Some drivers may be already be enjoying these amenities, while others may not. Check out some of the modern changes that can make your days on the road smoother.

 1. GPS & Traffic Updates

Driving on the open road back in the day included driving in areas where you didn’t know what to expect. Truckers in today’s world have access to advanced GPS, which eliminates a lot of the surprises and keeps you updated in real-time. Thanks to GPS, you receive traffic updates, so you can avoid delays, major crashes or construction zones.

You can also find alternative routes that will shorten your trip. The GPS can help guide you to warehouses and delivery locations that may be off the beaten path. Digital screens and detailed visuals can also make a huge difference in your drive time and ability to get front point A to point B with ease.

2. Food Services

Driving on the open road used to involve stopping at a lot of rest stops often with limited food options. Thanks to modern technology and updates, you have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of food services while on the road. For example, you could have a food delivery service meet you at a rest stop to deliver fresh foods from nearby restaurants. Most of the rigs on the road now have a refrigerator and a microwave so drivers can stock what they’d like to have on their days out and then prepare those meals at their convenience.

3. Music & Podcast Options

Truckers in the past were often limited to the local radio stations or a simple CD player to play music. Thanks to a wide range of app downloads, truckers can tap into their speakers with wired or Bluetooth connections. The apps offer unlimited access to music and podcasts. You could make a music playlist that covers the whole duration of a driving trip.

Podcasts include a wide of topics including current events, sports, and entertainment. Podcast episodes can last for a few hours and help the time go by while you drive on highways.

Some of the streaming apps will even offer live streams of concerts or sports events. For example, you could listen to an entire baseball game while you’re on the road for the day.

4. Seating and Sleeping Area Improvements

In the past, truckers used to put their bodies through a lot of wear and tear when driving over the road. Improvements in the driver and passenger seating, as well as in sleeper cabs, have drastically changed this. You can enjoy seats with extra comfort and motorized adjustments to help fit your needs. Newer rigs often include heated and venilated seats, too.

Many sleeper cabs now have a seating area with a table that can be quickly converted into double bunks.

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