Important Skills for Drivers in the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry isn’t just important to our economy, it’s absolutely vital! This industry transports just about everything we use in our own lives, and in business, safely and efficiently across the country. Truck drivers play a crucial role in this industry, and the skillset needed to do the job go well beyond simply being able to safely operate the truck. This blog will discuss important skills every truck driver should have to mentally and emotionally succeed in the trucking industry.

 Stress Management Skills

Being a truck driver can be really stressful. You drive long hours in unpredictable weather and there is a constant push to make delivery deadlines. All of this can cause stress levels to rise, so it’s important to find ways to manage that.

One great way to do that is through relaxation techniques. Things like taking slow, deep breaths and meditating can help drivers stay calm while driving.  A balanced diet and some exercise during your stops can help as well.


There is no doubt that patience is a real asset when you’re a trucker. Heck, I get frustrated on my twenty-minute commute to work. I can’t imagine the frustrations of a driver on the road eight hours or more a day. Traffic jams, road closures and even waiting at docks are all things that can tempt you to lose your cool. Just remember to stay patient. These things are out of your control. Patience can make the job more satisfying and can also keep you, and others, safer out there on the road.


Communication Skills

Good communication skills are a must for drivers. Speaking clearly and simply helps avoid mix-ups and keeps everything running smoothly. Drivers need to be in constant communication with dispatchers to share important information when that communication is good, deliveries are done right and customers are happy. Communication isn’t just with the home office, and it’s not always just with words. As a driver, you also communicate non-verbally by using turn signals, following the rules of the road and making sure there’s enough space for everyone.


 Time Management

Time is money in the truck driving industry. Meeting delivery deadlines and sticking to schedules is crucial for truck drivers and their employers. Knowing how to manage your time can be the key to an on-time delivery instead of a late one. Truckers have to be smart about planning routes and planning for delays and pick-ups / drops. Luckily, a majority of trucks on the road are equipped with GPS. There are also a lot of route planning apps available that can help save time and perhaps even help drivers avoid traffic delays. Adhering to the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations is also a must for managing time legally and safely.


Customer Service

As a driver, it’s important to remember that YOU are the face of the company you drive for. Providing excellent customer service when you’re at your stops can go a long way in keeping strong relationships with clients, which means repeat business and more miles for you! Customer service skills include being polite, professional, and aware of customers’ needs. Drivers should be prepared to answer questions about their deliveries, provide necessary documentation, and address any concerns or issues that may arise. In some cases, drivers may need to handle unexpected challenges, like damaged freight or delivery discrepancies. Remember, a positive attitude, willingness to help and a smile go a long way.

At Ozark Motor Lines, we take pride in providing our customers with on-time, damage-free delivery of their products at competitive rates. We certainly couldn’t do that without our incredible team of drivers. We’re always looking for great drivers to join our family and one of our recruiters would love to talk with you today. Give us a call at 800-264-2033.

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